This has the characteristic of a good guitar lesson video: crystal clear and strong tone, clear playing and very good mix with the song (even tho it's obvious your cam isn't that great, you got over it). Very few mistakes, which can easily be taken care of by a player like you.

Keep up the good work and keep the videos coming!

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Like the others said you did a great cover, like I said on YT you sounded clear and that's not easy ^^
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I'm a huge Petrucci fan and I would definitely say you did it justice

Seriously killer job man, and also I like how you played it on a strat, that seems like it would present more of a challenge than a faster guitar. not saying strats aren't great, I love them lol.

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sean Ashe

Thanks alot! Yeah it's kind of a challenge, but I really love my stratocaster! You can actually shred really good on it!