Hi all,
I've been looking at various amps on the net for quite some time now. Finally I've come to two specific amps that suite my conditions and so forth. I'm looking at the Fender Mustang V, and the Marshall Mg100 Hdfx. Both are under $700 and in my budget.

Now I, being a tube amp lover, this is quite something different. As much as I would love having a tube amp, they are out of my price range.
I'm looking at something that suits a band situation but still can be able to play and practise at home.
Bear in mind that I'm still pretty new to this stuff.

If you have any thoughts regarding the above mentioned amps please reply.
What kind of music do you play? The Marshall MG is terrible. Avoid it like the plague.

$700 should buy you a pretty good tube amp, what price range are you aiming for? If you get a head, you'll also need a cab. The good news is you probably don't need a head Don't be fooled by big half stacks and lots of watts. 50W tube will likely be as much as you'll ever need and you don't need a half stack for gigs. If the venue has a PA system you can mic a combo.

EDIT: While we're at it, avoid the Line 6 Spider.
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Buy a used tube amp bro or buy a cheaper combo. Look at Jet City Amps, Black Star, Marshall Class 5 ($399 NEW on Musicians Friend), Peavey Classic 30, and so one and so forth. Since you listed $700 I figured you price range to be below that, it would also help if you listed style of music, and area you live in.
I listen to bands like Pink Floyd, nirvana, Jimi Hendrik, Iron Maiden, but I still want a nice clean sound. For now I'm only jamming with my band, but eventually we will start gigging.

And btw, I would prefer if it were under $600
he's in south africa so that might limit his options. dude check around for used stuff seems like you may be able to find a tube combo suitable for band use.
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^I think he wants one loud enough for gigging. I dont think a class 5 will do.
If he wants to go Marshall a used JCM800/SLX should be up his alley.
Else if he wants to go modelling, Vypyr/VT/Mustang.

My bad I read over it too fast and didnt see that part but agreed^
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You're recommending a mustang but you said that you really like the spider? Huh?
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Ok, so I've looked at the peavey vypyr 120 and I'm impressed. The 120 head is $600 but then I still have to buy a cabinet which makes it pretty expensive. The tube on the other hand costs about $650 and it's affordable.
So that leaves me with the question, mustang or vypyr?
Any thoughts?
Make sure its the Vypyr tube. Honestly I van't say anything about both, as I've never really played either one extensively.
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The Mustang is pretty decent sounding, with many features and options -- the USB out recording is very nice. Overall, it will give you more variety and uses than the Marshall. I would get the III or VI over the V but that's just me.
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