I've been saving some money and at my local music store I can get my hands on a Carvin CT3T for a fairly good price ( 1250 euros ).
I was wondering if anyone here has any experience with the guitar, or with Carvin in general. Currently use a Blackheart Handsome Devil 15w tube amp with Celestion v30 speakers, pretty satisfied with that, so I thought I'd buy a proper guitar now.

So basically, I might wanna buy the Carvin CT3T, tried it and liked it. Does anyone here have anything to say about the guitar? I'm just doing a bit of research before spending all my money.

Current gear:
Carvin CT6M
TC Electronics Dark Matter distortion
Harley Benton 2x12, with Celestion V30s
Laney Ironheart 60w tube amp
Carvin is bar none my favorite guitar company. I've had a CT6 that i absolutely loved, I only got rid of it cuz it had a floyd and I'm not into them. I still have a Carvin Ultra V that is staying with me until the day I die. It's one of my favorite guitars. Here she is:

The best part about Carvin is that the resale value is horrible, so you can often get a Carvin for cheap. The Ultra V in the pic above costs about $1250 new from Carvin, I got it for $399.
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