I was wondering how many people have one of these (www.coffincase.com). One came with my Reverend guitar (Unknown Hinson signature), and it's a basic model (not heavy duty for touring or moving around a lot), but some of the other models on the site are pretty cool, including ones with steel edging, corners and supports. Very nice features and interiors.
i have a white coffin case for my jaguar and love it. Black HH special Jag in a White inside and out Coffin Case just looks right. i had to take apart the center piece and hone it down and then reupholster but it really makes it a perfect jaguar fit. i like the case a lot.
I have one my wife bought me like 7-8 yrs ago. It is the light weight SKB molded style. It is a diecent case, but nothing great. It has went on many tours and has held up extreamly well considering, it just feels "flimsy and cheap". I would not put any thing more than another guitar case on top of it.

I got mad because the local shop charged her $165 for a $100 (at the time) case, what a ripoff.
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