Me and my band are currently self producing an EP and i've done some preliminary instrumental mixes to get a better feel for the project. When listening please be aware that these are rough takes! The bass in particular was done in one go with old strings. Just wondering if anyone has any opinions on how it sounds and anything in particular to look out for or work on when we start tracking for real.

The track can be listened to here titled 'New Song':

Cheers guys!
This is very good, usually in mixes like this the drums can get lost in the guitar. I didn't really notice the bass so much, but that could easily have been me not paying enough attention. I think your tracking is pretty much spot on. Thanks for sharing this....oh...and that solo is awesome. Just so you know.
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Hi dude ... this sounds realy good for a rough so far ...

the guits have a little fizz at the top that seems to hang around 4k+ ...

the bass (especially this bass) will sound much different with new strings and will affect all the other instruments

the kick sounds quiet good also does the snare and the oh's

the weakes part is the guitars ... they also seem to be too much in the room ...

but anyway ... this is some thoughts while listening to the track ... not quiet analyzed ... the song itself is REALY REALY GREAT and your playing is AWESOME and REALY TIGHT

i like it and would love to hear it with vocals ...

hope to hear more from you soon ...

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First impression is the snare is maybe 1dB too high. Barely take the edge off of it, and it'll be great. Of course, it could be an EQ thing I'm hearing. Maybe a bit of low mids needs to be bled out of it? Try both, because there are parts where it falls perfectly in the mix, and parts where it seems to stick out more.

Tracking is good, everything seems in sync so far.

Change the strings on your bass and track it again, because it's not cutting well. It seems to have been mixed with not much but lows and I can't hear it very prominently. Keep in mind, I love hearing the bass in recordings

I'd link to my profile for a crit, but the only MP3 of my band was done with a laptop mic in Audacity with our old drummer and an inferior guitar. The youtube vids are more updated with our current lineup (sans bass),

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