I am trying to run 2 amps, basically using one as a slave. I need to know if I'm doing this right, or if it will damage something.
I plug my guitar into amp 1, I run a cable from amp1's LINE OUT into FX RETURN of amp 2, Then I run a cable from amp2's FX SEND into its own INPUT. It Sounds good, and amp 1's controls control everything, amp 2's controls do nothing? Is this a safe setup?
Shouldn't damage anything.
Just means you're skipping the pre-amp part of amp 2 going straight into the power amp on amp 2.
Why don't you split the guitar signal from the start though? That way you can get two very different coloured signals?
The setup you run right now is a little bit like having 2 cabs I guess? Save for what your poweramp colors your sound on amp2.
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