Cousin written by Sarah Louise mc Fadden capo 1 same chords through the whole song G,Em7,C,G,C,G,Am,D. Chorus :There was day I was crying, I cried so many nights in one day, I miss my cousin very dearly, I just wish he would've stayed. Verse 1 there was one night he had an accident he ended uP in hospital, as things turned out he couldn't do anymore, so he passed away from our world. Chorus again . Verse 2 : as the years went on our lives changed we couldn't see him anymore, I miss his smile and his beautiful face as he used to walk in through that door .... The chorus again . Please leave a comment it was my first song I wrote
Its pretty good for your first time
I'm sorry for your cousin
But the title is a bit strange ..

Maybe you should go to the hugging thread in "The Pit". It often really helps
I get you're new here, but you should probably read the rules (There's one about proper Thread Title's and what is/isn't allowed in it)
I'm sorry about your cousin too

You should structure the song like this though

Verse line one
Verse line two lalala
Verse line threeeee
Verse line four

Chorus line 1
Chorus line 2
Chorus line 3
Chorus line 4

Verse blah blah

You get the gist, makes it alot easier to feel the flow of the piece and critique it
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