I recently acquired a Crate V16 for a very reasonable price, due to the fact that it needs to be retubed. (In examining it, it appears I would only actually need to replace 1 of the pre's, but I think I'll replace everything anyway.

So, anybody with extensive experience in differing flavors of 12AX7's and EL34's, this is what i'm going for.

I've seen this amp described as a cross between a Blues Jr. and an AC15, and I'd like to keep it closer to the BJR, with just a bit of dirt if I push it past 7 or so and get agressive with the pick attack.

I note it has a 'boost' switch, but I'm not familiar with the amp so I'm not sure what exactly it's going to give me...


EDIT: Since i'm into it cheap, I'm not particularly interested in several hundred dollar of very high end tubes. I'll pay for quality, but keep it reasonable.
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So you want a smoother sound?
For EL84 - either SED or JJ in that order.
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Cath, have you seen the schematics for this amp?

If so, any suggestions to make it 'better'? (Former Electronics Technician, microminiature solder certified, but well out of practice. Be gentle with me...)