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Anyone know anything about them? I would quite like one but know nothing about them.

I have one and use it occasionally. What do you want to know?

Basically all it is is a tiny amp and speaker in a box with a tube that runs to your mouth. Most people don't realize you need a microphone and another amp to use one. You shove the tube in your mouth and play your guitar. The sound comes out and you move your mouth like you are talking or whatever but instead of using your vocal chords you use the guitar sound from the tube... hopefully that makes sense. You need the mic and other amp to "sing" into... 2 things to watch for: 1. you will slobber all over the place. 2. don't choke yourself with the tube.

vocoders are cheaper and easier to use and have pretty much replaced talk boxes.
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The dunlop heil one can be kind of tricky to hook up correctly...and the rocktron banshee's are kind of pricey. I used to use one for one song in my old band...so I just picked up the danelectro one. It worked great if you mic'd it up through a PA and didn't use the stock mics that come with it...and it just hooks up like a regular guitar pedal in your chain. I don't use the effect at all any more though
if you just want one to mess around, you can make one fairly easy

EDIT: all you have to do is put a speaker inside the head of a toilet plunger(make sure the end is sealed), plug the speaker into your amp output, then where the handle of the plunger, put some rubber tube (i used some gasline from canadian tire, it was like half inch diameter, i can't remember exactly), then you need a microphone.

i didn't make mine exactly like this, but it is helpful
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