Hi Forum ,

i haven t posted here since a longer time now ... not that anyone had missed me

but the "waiting-mode" for the new AxeFxII made me recreating my whole patches (Superior / AxeFX) and so i did a new song to check them out and look how they fit together in a mix.

My setup first:

Guitar: Ibanez 1527 /w BKP Aftermath
Bass: Stagg 5 Stringer
Drums: Superior MF /w Avatar snr

Everything recorded direct (Strings --> AxeFx --> Soundcard --> DAW)

And here is the song ... it is called "Disorder"

RestZeit - Disorder

Any questions ?? Do not hesitate to ask. Any critix? Do not worry to insult me. I can take stick about constructive critix

I FOR SURE WILL DO C4C ... and maybe i am reviewing YOUR song tonight

Greatz M
Nice. The direct recording makes this have a really good sound. I do think that the drums could have been turned up just a little, but thats just me. Very impressive lead guitar parts. Everything seemed to stay on beat. I think with lyrics this could go far (but i just like listening to lyrics :P). Awesome job overall.
c4c- https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1464865
Wow this is awesome, me loves some Djent. The lead is awesome, and goes great with the very well done rhythm guitar. The drums sound great as well. There isn't much i don't like about it. The song writing is ace and accuracy is tight. Nice song KEEP WRITING!
Hi, thanks for having paid attention for my own stuff!
I've just listened to your recording, and to be honest, I can hardly find any negative thing to say about it! In particular, the overall sound is pleasant to my ears, it sounds crystal clear. I see that you too are used to recording guitars directly into the sound card, which is a wise way to do when you don't have any acoustically treated room to record in!

Well, keep on making good music!
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Wow. This is sick.

The tone on the guitar is just sick. How exactly are you recording that? I am fairly unexperienced in recording direct. We attempted it but its no where that clear whatsoever.

The longer it goes the more I love it. The riffs are great... I can't over the tone. The lead work is great and the drums are very impressive. Everything is very clear in the mix.

You wouldn't have any mixing tips for me would you? hahaha. :P

Great song man. I love the way you cut out things near the beginning alot (I'm not sure what you would call that exactly). You need some vocals in there and it would be solid as a rock.

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Very very cool tone here, like seriously cool.

I wouldn't be suprised if this was actually playing on my iTunes right now, I was listening to Periphery's album and this fits right in

Very well mixed... if only I could make my pieces sound as f*cking awesome as this

Great job, if you have a youtube channel let me know I'll sub you.
The production is awesome, it's crazy that you did all of it. Nice song too it's pretty off the wall. You have some cool melodies going on and a real great structure as to how your song flows. I wasn't expecting this when i came here really, but this is awesome. I don't know anything about the Djent style of music, but I can tell this isn't just some noodle play haha. Keep it up, dude

C4C my real project, not just me jamming? ;P
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Thanks for critic... ill critic yours as i listen..

Sick guitar intro, Once it gets really quick, i get put off though. Although this mainly comes down to personally taste. guitar tone is great and is played flawlessly, although like I said, its hard to critic when its not the type of music I like to listen to.

However, i can defiantly tell thats its very well done and it does sound nice to listen to. I especially enjoyed at roughly 1:13, when it did hat strange sound then a sort of quick guitar solo thing... sounded very nice!

I like the solos throughout the track. They all sound nice and usually quiet different, although some of it sounds too similar and could do with some mixing up...

overall good track and i enjoyed listening to it, its very well put together!
Sorry about how late I am on returning C4C, it's been an interesting week...but here it is!

Reviewing as I listen: Definitely a strong djent/Meshuggah influence on the guitar work, but the tones are really nice, a little less punchy than they could be, but with AxeFx that's easily fixed. Kickdrum could use more bass presence, 'cause I can't feel it at all. Great lead work, though it's a little muddy as well. Not digging the electronic sounds though (the stuttering guitar thing). A little redundant until around 3:00 when the rhythm switches to a lead-type part. Solid track, could have some tightening on the writing and guitar tone, but great potential here! Keep at it!
Hey sorry about the late reply, but thanks a lot for giving your crit on my track the other day. Some really helpful stuff and was exactly what I was looking for.

This track is awesome! Sounds pro and has given me yet another reason to keep saving for an Axe FX. The playing is tight and the song well written. Was nice to hear some less standard beats in a song of this style (the blasts were great). Your writing has an interesting mashup of some progressive (dare i say 'djent'?!) and loomis-esque riffs. Liking it very much.

To provide some constructive crit though, maybe look into blending or even replacing some of the superior drummer samples, Drumagog is ideal for this, but there's a few other alternatives too. They're not bad samples at all, but i'm just getting bored of hearing the same/similar kick and snare in every song of this style. That's just my personal preference though, by no means is this a bad track!
Keep it up, looking forward to hearing some more.