What am I to do about our front man who refuses to hold the mic. He just stands in front on the mic stand and half pretends to dance around it. It won't work the stage or the crowd. I am not trying to tell him to hold it the whole show but the rest of the band feels that he should take it off sometimes and move around like most dynamic front men do. We really feel it is a hindrance. What do you all think?
why the hell will he not hold the mike? Who does he think he is, Liam Gallagher?
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freddie mercury never took it out of the stand... then again, freddie mercury will never be matched in terms of front-man-ship
just confiscate the mic stand and beat him with it when he stands still with the mic.
make that S.O.B. get his front-man persona going rather than being the most boring sod on earth.
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lol you should be talking to him about it, not us, its not like theres a magic formula to make him grab the effin mic, just tell him: Dude you either pick up the ****in mic and work the crowd, or we'll need to get a frontman that does it! xD
Is he an amazing singer? Would it be hard to find someone who sings equally well? If no to either of these questions, let him know that if he can't bring in any energy, you'll look for someone who will.
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Good singer. Might take awhile to replace. But we really don't want it come to that. We just don't know what to do. Your guys responses have been a big help though!
It's easier to focus on singing when you don't have to hold the damn thing.. personally it is kind of awkward like "what do I do with this besides hold it in front of my face?"

All verbal and physical violence aside (ass mic, ouch!), I would just stress the importance of showmanship. Explain to him that whether he likes it or not, he is the front-man and what most the audience is focused on. They don't just want to see someone standing still in front of a mic. He needs to loosen up and be comfortable in his environment to make the audience feel the same.

Even if he MAY already feel comfortable, that feeling isn't passed on to the audience when someone is in one place the whole time. You can maybe try baby steps by having him interact with you all more while on stage as well.
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freddie mercury never took it out of the stand

Freddie moved the whole stand around, wich looks pretty cool when he does it:P

why dont you let your singer do that?:P let him walk around with the standXD
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Freddie moved the whole stand around, wich looks pretty cool when he does it:P

why dont you let your singer do that?:P let him walk around with the standXD

This seems like a good idea. At a concert I went to, the lead singer was dragging the stand all over the place, and all of us in the crowd went crazy...Of course, it would help if your lead singer looked like this:

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Make him watch a video of one of his performances. If it's as boring and awkward as it sounds, he probably won't like what he sees and will try to fix it. That worked for me anyway.

That being said, everybody's going to have a different style that works for them onstage. For me, I like either having a guitar to focus on or a mic stand to work with. Other singers like being able to jump around with a wireless mic. If he sees the problem you do, try to help him find something that works for him. Hell, just standing at a mic stand can work, if the audience can see that the singer is giving it his all.

...if he doesn't see the problem, put up with him until you can find someone better, I suppose.
Steven Tyler.

Does the singer tell you what you shold be doing when you play? If not then you shouldn't be telling him what to do when he sings.
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Steven Tyler.

Walks around while holding his mic stand. He's notorious for working the stand for all it's worth, whereas this guy seems to be doing his best "Robert Plant on downers" impression. It's night and day.
how about you work the crowd first. break the ****er in half and then see if hes still using it
depending on what type of music you play, I'd say he doesn't need to hold the mic. He definitely does need to appear "into it", but this doesn't mean he has to hold the mic.

...Unless he's a bad singer and showmanship is the only thing he could possibly have going for him.
I agree with rmr024. If you play more mellow music, it's not that big of a deal. However, he should still be trying to work the crowd a little. Most people are going to be watching the singer during most of the show, so it's important that he gives off positive energy. The crowd typically will be more reactive to an energetic, sloppy band than an extremely talented but low-energy band. It's all about showmanship.

In my opinion, if your singer doesn't learn to loosen up a bit and put on more of a show, you should try to find a new one. Hell, threaten to find a new one if he doesn't bring more energy to his performance. If that doesn't motivate him, I doubt anything will.
i honestly cant believe anyone gives a crap about these sort of things.

look, the worst thing you can do on stage is do something that isnt natural for you. if hes not feeling like he should do what you think he should do, then he's not going to do it. or if he does, it wont seem right. he might start doing more with time. as people get more comfortable on stage they tend to do more. maybe he just doesnt feel confident enough yet to do that. i think he just needs to do more shows and get loose and he'll start to work the crowd more.
First things first, you should not be telling him what to do if you're an equal band. You can suggest to him, but you should not say 'Do this, and do that.'

Secondly, I'm a front man that does take the microphone off the mic stand but I often like to keep it there. It can be brilliant to dance around it and the audience really likes that kind of thing if you're good at it.

Thirdly, it's quite common for lots of singers to feel 'safer' behind the microphone stand. Your singer is probably nervous about taking it off as it leaves him exposed. I went through the exact same process. Telling him that he needs to ditch it won't help him build up confidence. If he's committed to the band, and observant, he'll notice himself when he isn't reaching his audience and change. But these changes will be gradual. You can't expect him to rapidly change overnight.

Support him, encourage him. Hope this helps.
Shouldn't be a problem if his an epic singer and everyone else is "Energetic".
Personally I'd rather see an awesome band with no stupid stage act than a band like Slipknot or Kiss which are absolute shite.
Maybe he's afraid to put something that shape in his hands?
Does he sit down when he pees?
Just sayin'...

OK, seriously...
Bring a laptop into your rehearsal room and open your browser to YouTube...
Make him watch a Who video while you take his mic out of the stand across the room...
Then, free up some slack cable, and begin swinging it mercilessly in a 12' circle.
Slowly walk toward him until the mic smacks him in the head.

I'm almost certain he'll take the mic out of the stand during your next gig...
and start swinging it mercilessly...
just remember, it's a show...
...and this is where you'll probably need to take one for the team.

Don't worry though, your fans will talk about it, and when the word gets out about your new act the crowd will be even bigger at the gig after that...
But you may need to start wearing a helmet.

There's a moral to this story...
be careful what you wish for.
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Who really cares?
If im going to a concert i don't really care if the frontman stands still, or runs around like some headless chicken. Personally id rather prefer them standing still, and giving a hell of a show vocally.
In the end it's the music im there for, not the dance-moves.
But well, i guess its personal preference. I hate when guitarists run around on stage playing sloppy. God damnit, stand still and show me the emotions through your playing!
The most important thing is the connection and interaction with the crowd, and it can still be there even if he's not holding the mic.
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