I am a baby as far as Guitar is concerned. I am going to buy my first Guitar. I am more inclined to buy a semi-acoustic rather the acoustic one.

Can you please advice which Guitar should I buy. Should I buy the one in the adv. below:




Thanks for the help !!
i'd personally get the seagull, though it's 200euro more expensive.

if you give us a budget that you're willing to go to we'll be able to suggest others for you.
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My advice is, buy a decent guitar. Don't just go and buy cheap, buy a good, playable instrument that sounds good, if you buy a crappy guitar you might lose interest in playing, I think that didn't happen to me because when I started to play five years ago I would use my dad's classical guitar which was a top quality instrument. Just don't buy the most affordable guitar, focus on the playability of the instrument, that's what REALLY matters when u just start playing.
Thanks guys. So far so good.

How you guys think Seagull (Acoustic-Electric) will work ?

I am looking for sth around 300 Euros.

Thanks for your help again !!