It's the first song in my profile. Called "classic rock/blues type thing". Creative, I know.
I used some piano in this one, and as you can probably tell I'm not the best pianist.
The song isn't intended to be an instrumental, vocals will be added if I can get my singer onboard with this song.

As always I'll give you the best crit I can if you give me one.
American Circus
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Thanks for the crit!

This is really good rhythm work, i've been soloing along to it a few times now, with some vocals and abit more leadguitar this will get very good im sure of.
Hi and ty 4 da review ... ok ... here is mine

as you stated in my thread your music is realy far from mine (hehe) ...

the rythmic work is realy good ... i d like to hear some more melodic work though it is intended to be "vocalized" ... and there are some anoying noises in the recording ... you could got rid of em by using a noise gate (k geekyblabbin) ...

the structure of the song is realy freaky ... never heard music like that ... though it seems to be kind of rock ... hehe ... have u played the guitar d.i. or is this an amp? all in all i think it is a realy good playback, very tight playing though teh piano could have more space "frequencywise" ... but it is by far not my kinda music so i could only applaud to the technical terms ... realy good tight playing, and though the mix could cope some more eq it maybe would be too polished after it ...

i say thumbs up for this ... well done and keep this kinda music alive

Greatz M

I love it ! i like your tone the playing is solid. But the song is kinda weird in a good way. It starts out led zeppelin style and halfway trough it becomes punk ala ramones hahaha!!

Anyways good job ! thanks for checking my stuff out and giving me advice.

Very cool!

As mentioned by other users, the rhythm work is superb. You've got the funkiness in you.

However, I am worried about the main guitar riff. It kicks ass, but it flirts with being too repetitive. I would try to change it slightly in order to keep it interesting.

You really need vocals to fill things out because the song seems overly simplistic without them.

Is there a piano hidden somewhere in this song? I'm sure I heard a piano in the final segment. If it's there, the piano really needs to be louder. That would sound awesome.

Hope this helps.

really good rhythm work here man! i think it sounds very a lot like the kills! but yeah the white stripes too were the drums programmed or played by you? they are solid, but i think the could do with a little spicing up (if you plan on keeping it an instrumental anyway) as in fills etc. your piano playing was actually pretty good haha! overall really solid song and i enjoyed listening
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Sweet song man, the intro reminds me of something Clutch would do (which is a very good thing!)

ok nice guitar tone, riffin away, BLANK BLANK!!

ok we are cruisin, has a nice old school garage vibe. I really like this sort of LO FI stuff, its such a nice colour!! I ADMIT THIS - if there was a vocalist who wasn't GOOD at singing the the TRADITIONAL WAY this could be some really fun stuff, right now without a lead melody it sort of makes me want some more, but KEEP GOING you are onto it!!

MAYBE some reverb on the guitar? I'm a big fan of the piano breakdown, it's very nice.
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ha nice i like this, you definitely nailed the school vibe. The guitar kind of reminds me of "American Woman" at one point. The tone is really good too. the piano breakdown fit very nicely too. nice stuff man, i really enjoyed the listen.
I really like this. Excellent rhythm work. As it sounds now, I'd say add more lead guitar in places -- but that's obviously going to change when you have vocals in there.

I really like the piano breakdown, too, but have you considered moving either the piano or lead guitar during that segment up by an octave? Right now they're occupying a similar frequency range and it gets fuzzy at parts. That might be the feel you're going for though.
All in all an excellent instrumental so far. I'd love to hear it with vocals and/or more lead guitar.

Let me know what you think of this when you get a chance.
Fair amount of guitar amp noise on the intro. Sounds better once the drums get going. At one point the guitar riffs sound like Lenny Kravitz's version of "American Woman". Most of the playing is good, could be a bit tighter in some places. Overall, I like the song, good melodies. Curious what vocals might do for the song. Keep at it! Please review my music at this link:

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I like the shift in tone. The was just a little static (not bad, just a little). A filter should be able to take that out if you want. Your rhythm work is outstanding! I do think that the piano could be just a little louder. But this is a solid piece. Good job! I would love to hear it once you get those vocals on it