I have a question,
I have found a MIM Strat on craigslist:


The seller is willing to sell for $100. Is it worth it?

What kind of things should I look for on this guitar in person. Assuming most of the "rough shape" is cosmetic. It sounds like $100 is good, yes?

The link doesn't work for me.

Edit: NVM i figured it out.

Looks like it could be a good deal, provided you don't mind the damages. It's check extra careful to make sure the neck isn't warped and that the truss rod isn't broken or seized. Also, look carefully for repair, like glued cracks.

And some people do their own fretwork, so pay attention to that as well.
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it would have to be in pretty bad shape before I would let it pass me by, would be a great foundation to upgrade and customize and learn to do a lot of your own work on without the risk of screwing up a greater investment
Looks like he reliced it himself. The Fender factory would charge you $3000 for that service!
I spoke with the seller, he said he bought this from somebody that tried to relic it themselves, as well as just playing it a lot. But claims the neck is straight. Of course I still will want to look at it myself.

It is a 2001.