cud anyone explain to me ? how it work ?
i know the first position to it that start with
5-8 on the 6th string .. I KNOw that shape

but the weird thing ?

is ? can i figure out the rest 4 shape from the first one ?

i mean if i know a shape of them i cud figure out on my own the rest of shapes in Am pentatonic ?

First of all, chill.
Learn the names of the notes in the scale (A C D E G A)
Now start on the 8th fret of the 6th string (C), and find the rest of the notes (D E G A C), ALLOWING ONLY TWO NOTES PER STRING. you'll notice that the lower note on each string lines of with the higher note of the 1st shape
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Well, there are 5 different pentatonic boxes to learn. The one you know is the one that's called the first box. You could use that box and look at the notes that are used in it and then look for the same notes all over the neck to get a more broad range of notes to play with or you could simply memorize all the 5 boxes.

Check this out http://www.torvund.net/guitar/index.php?page=Bl_pnt_box_all_pos
okay okay -- azhark & Eatfresh u wana say ..

i just cud know the shape n what's the next note like [ a or d or - watever ] .. then i cud move around the neck going up n down?

Master the first shape before even thinking about the other ones.
Its better to be able to do something with on shape then to have 5 and not do anything with them
Learn the shapes. There are 5 - check earlier post placed a link. Then you can play anywhere on the neck. That is one approach. It's fine for now, but you'll battle to progress from there.

The second is to learn the individual notes and the theory - yes I said it! - behind what makes a scale or a chord a major or a minor. Then expand the knowledge and you'll have 7ths, diminished scales etc licked - and it will make sense.

Hope this helps.