Hello everybody,

I'm looking for some notes on using a di box with tube amps and preamps.
The point is that i own a hybrid one - solid state amp with a valve preamp.
What i want to achieve is to use a di box with its cabinet simulation only. My combo does not have a line-out (i can use fx send, but this does not results in what is commonly known as a good sound). I need to use ext. loudspeaker output via a di box.
Now, I know i cannot use a di box (which does not include an attenuator/power soak) with a tube amp neither connected to a cabinet nor having the box attached to a dummy speaker load. Can anyone tell how is a tube preamp affected in this scenario (if it actually is)?

I want to record the guitar via two mics: AKG Perception and SM57, but as my neighbors are much more sensitive than the AKG itself, i need to incorporate direct line signal in.