How do I get slashes winey distortion sound? Like sweet child ph mine. And enter sand man. By metallica?

Sounds like a tube screamer. Ts9. ?

Just making sure I love it
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Sweet Child Of Mine and Enter Sandman?

Not likely. Slash plays a Gibson Les Paul with medium output Seymour Duncans, straight to a Marshall amp with maybe an eq for boost. Metallica use Emgs & Dual Rectifiers.

It's almost a world apart and no distortion pedal will do either that well, let alone both. A tubescreamer is a good pedal but you should think of it as a tool for getting the best out of a guitar and amp, not for creating a specific tone.
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Slash doesn't have a distortion pedal, but uses his amp's distortion instead?? Ok, so I'm wrong. How would a Seymour Duncan humbucker sound in my hss strat?


it wouldn't sound like a Les Paul, if that's the tone you're trying to nail. what's your amp?
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Cant you use your hd500 to get a "winey distortion sound"?
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i have yet to see a thread this dude has made where he doesn't work against himself. this thread will turn into this one


as his other threads have before it.

but if TS is looking for a serious answer, then i'd suggest meds. they may help him think more clear.
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