Hey everyone,

being both a prog fan and a prog musician, I've been quite disappointed with the music scene in my region of Germany. Nürnberg doesn't get visited by too many prog bands, so if you're playing in a local band, you don't get many chances to reach a larger audience.

After some deliberation, the solution to both of these problems became obvious: I would have to organize a prog event with awesome bands myself, thus bringing great music to Nürnberg while also giving our local prog bands a chance to play to a larger audience!

I wanted to focus on younger bands who are shaping the prog scene right now, so you won't hear any 80s neo-prog or 70s classic prog at our festival. But I think the lineup has something to offer for many fans of modern prog:

It's quite an exclusive collection of bands:
Andromeda will play an exclusive German gig, their first in five years.
Exivious will play their first German gig.
To-Mera will play their first German gig, premiering material from their upcoming album.
Haken will be playing material from their upcoming album. Advance copies of the CD should be available at the festival!
And it's not every day you get to see my own band Relocator live (we've only played one gig with a complete lineup so far!)
Most of you won't have heard of the other three bands, but I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by the high level of our local artist!

If you want to check out some of the bands, many allow you to listen to their complete albums on the net, check out this list of links:

I know it's probably quite far for many of you here, but I know there's interest in the festival from as far away as Norway and Romania and the first ticket we sold earlier today went to a guy in the UK, so it seems the combination of bands is tempting enough to make people consider a road trip!

Anyway, for now we're only offering weekend tickets and two different weekend ticket+hotel packages.
40 Euro for a weekend ticket, 125 with two nights at a 4-star hotel or 180 for the double package
(two tickets and two nights in a double room) at the same hotel, i.e., just 90 Euro per person!

If you want to make the trip to Nürnberg, don't hesitate too long before placing your order,
because the hotel deals are limited in number and time - the offer is valid only until August 25!

For more information please visit the English information page for the festival:

Or jump straight to our online store:

Hope to see many of you in the audience in September!

All the best,
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Anyway, I have some news to report:

Last morning we got the news that despite all agreements, To-Mera would not be making the trip to Nuremberg after all. The reasons for that are “complex and no fault of your own,” says the band in its cancellation mail – in any case they’re nothing that they didn’t already know three months ago. We regret that this decision wasn’t made earlier, especially since we’ve already started selling tickets.

Fortunately, we were able to secure a more than worthy replacement promptly:

The band Subsignal was founded by Sieges Even members Arno Menses (vocals) and Markus Steffen (guitar) in 2007. Originally intended as a project, the whole thing developed into a real band after the demise of Sieges Even. The top-class band also features Roel van Helden (Drums, Sun Caged), Ralf Schwager (Bass, Dreamscape) und David Bertok (Keyboards, also Dreamscape) and can thus justifiably be called a prog supergroup. More information on the band can be found on the official Subsignal website: http://www.subsignalband.com

And don't forget: The weekend hotel offers are only valid until August 25!

All the best,
"Freedom in the 21st Century means being incommunicado."

Like instrumental prog? Check out www.relocator-project.com!
Debut album featuring Derek Sherinian available now!