So i have been working on this blues/funk solo and i need some advice guys/gals !

the part starting @ 0"48 does it sound too busy ?? should i keep it, or leave it out ???
To me it doess sound kinda busy (no resting spots lots of notes etc) but it def is a good build up (i think) and i rather like the licks i used for it So i don''t know what to do

This is def a work in progress so please mind the little mistakes i make i hope you guys can give me some advice..

heres the link: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/23133907/blues%20track.mp3


thats pretty cool but i didnt get any blues or funk impressions fromthat peice. more of a rock feel than anything else. still a good peice, keep workin at it.
I don't think it sounded too busy.
That's about as long as I would have the solo run in the song though. Any more and it gets repetitive.
Very well played, not my favorite backing track (sort of cheesy) but it works. The drums sound sort of electronic, like rap drums. I realize that they were probably done in a drum machine program or something, but you could probably change the sounds and have it sound a lot more natural.

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I'd go for more straight 4's on the ride. Maybe a little too much reverb and/or bring the dot piano down a bit. I think it was pretty good man, since it's a guitar solo you could go for some pent rips or stuff like that have a good one man

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Thanks for your input Bastards hahahaha :P

I made a conscious decision to not use the fast pentatonic stuff. I wanted to keep a strictly bluesy feel..But a little shred is fine i guess


I don't know, but i use a lot of syncopated licks that aren't really used in rock but more in blues or funk. But to be frankly honest i don't really know where my music fits in hehehe

Thanks again guys,