It's a 2004 American Deluxe Fender Stratocaster HSS. It's a 3 color sunburst finish and a rosewood fretboard. It is also a 50th anniversary edition.
The Guitar Center near me has a pair they're selling used for either $850 or $950, I can't remember exactly.
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you could probably get your money back for it if you're lucky. you'd need to keep it at leat 50 more years for it to have gained any real value.
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I'd say it's worth a good grand. Maybe like $800 at the least.
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The Guitar Center near me has a pair they're selling used for either $850 or $950, I can't remember exactly.

this sounds about right. I was looking at some SSS deluxe am. strats on the site and they were about $800 and humbucker would probably add another $50 or so
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I'll give ya $15 for it.

I'll do one better, I'll pay $16 cash for it
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around here on CL i would say $750ish in top condition for an american deluxe. it wont hit a grand, that i am pretty much positive on.

just to guage you to what stuff sells around here (tampa, FL) if your market is different (as all are) this is just a little guide.

mim's are $250-$300ish

hw1's for $450-$500ish

american standard $600-600ish
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I'd probably say $900-1000 if you have the case with it. That case is probably worth $100-150ish alone.
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I'll do one better, I'll pay $16 cash for it

$16.19..and some old stale raisins...deal?
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This is maybe the worst comparison in the history of comparisons.
Those probably run for about a grand, maybe a little less. I bought a stander American Strat for $900 so a Deluxe should be a bit more, especially the 50 Anniversary ones.

Edit: Just looked on Sweetwater. New American deluxe with sunburst is $1,649 USD.
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Depends if it's been modded or damaged and if you have all the original case and paperwork and tags and everything else. If you've got all that stuff and the guitar is absolutely MINT then I'd expect you could get about 75-80% of value of a new American Deluxe Strat. Guitars always lose at least about a fiftfh of their value once they've been bought so you won't make all your money back but it's kept most of its value. If it's been banged about or modded or you've lost bits then obviously that reduces the value. Give it another twenty, twenty five years and it'll be worth what you paid new, then it would start going up in value assuming it's kept in good condition. You do have to give these things forty or so years before they actually increase in value though, especially anything made from the 80s onwards. People just don't trust an 80s+ guitar like they trust the ones in the mid 70s and earlier.