So I have never changed my pickups in my guitar, but I am getting new ones, thinking about getting the Gibson 57 Classic and 57 Classic+ Anyway I also read about this cool Push Pull pot mod that Jimmy Page used. But my question is on a Les Paul do you need two tone knobs and two volume knobs. Because I have an Epiphone Les Paul ultra 2, which has an acoustic pickup in the fretboard. So I have two volume knobs for the neck and bridge pickup along with just one tone knob for the pickups, the other knob is for volume for the acoustic pickup.
Is it possible for me to get Push/Pull pots for my guitar.
you could easily have a less paul with only a master volume and master tone control, you don't really need 2 vol and 2 tones
the push/pull part of the pot is not associated with the rotating part of the pot. so as long as you have 4 pots (and it sounds like you do), then you should be able to do that mod.

This link is the schematic for Jimmy Page wiring

Basically, with the 4 pots of his Les Paul, he does 4 things

Coil splits each pickup
Selects whether the pickups are in phase are out of phase
Selects whether the pickups are in series or parallel

So obviously, if you have less pots, you're options are a bit more limited.

You can use ONE push pull pot to split the coils of two pickups