This is kind of a silly question, but after a few years of playing guitar I'm still not sure.

The setup:

Acoustic-electric guitar with onboard preamp
Series of pedals (eq, reverb, etc)
Mixer for a PA (currently going into a mic input but I can also use line input (and that would be nice, to save the mic inputs for mics)
Fairly short cable runs in general, usually a 10 footer from the guitar to pedals and another 10 footer connecting the pedals and the mixer.

And my question is, do I need a DI box after the pedalboard in this scenario? What kind of improvement would I see? And if this is the case, could you guys recommend an affordable DI? (Less than $100, preferably less)

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you use a DI box to convert unbalanced and high impedance signals (like electric guitar) to balanced low impedance signals. usually this is for converting something like you guitar's pickup to play over a PA designed to take microphone inputs.

the deal is that many PA's have 'high z' inputs for guitar anyway (that are 1/4" to boot).
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I would use a voodoo cabtone or something, they make di boxes for guitars with cabinet simulators.
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