I really hear the band reverences, the BTBAM one reminds me of 'Prequel To The Sequel', I really like the sweeping at the end you should keep it in the song. I don't listen to Between The Buried and Me or Protest the Hero a lot but from what I hear when my brother listens to them, your songs sound exactly like the bands.
I've always wanted to be able to write like PtH so kudos on that, unfortunately it does just sound like a PtH rip off, especially the last riff at 93 which is ripped almost directly from Sequoia Throne.
The BtBAM esque song was a lot less of an obvious riff off and i actually really enjoyed it, really groovy in place, lovely leads and melodies too.
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I have to agree with a lot of what Frankibo said. The PtH styled one reminded me of them but it didn't quite capture their essence for me. It felt like there was something lacking besides Rody's vocals.

After listening to the BTBAM styled one I think I've pinpointed what's missing for me.

It all sounds too happy and safe all the time. Personally, I'd like to hear more syncopation and less long notes on the stable beats, hear riffs ending on different tones besides notes from the tonic chord more often.
I'd like to hear more tonal exploration, and also more rhythmic variation. I felt like there were too many 4 bar chord loops with strums every down beat, and they both gave off the same vibe for the entire song.

It would be really great to branch out and try crazy stuff like those sweeps at the end. If you listen to the BTBAM song Obfuscation, that solo has a really cool vibe to it (it's essentially in phrygian with accidentals) because it has more varied rhythms and it gets away from the vortex of one tonic and feeling.

To use PtH as an example, their song Wretch mixes things up well. The opening riff has a cool rhythm. It maintains that kind of diminished, powerful, fast paced feeling for a while and then it eventually breaks off into the almost completely diatonic section (The part where rody sings about bartering boulders and ripping heads from shoulders), then after that it kind of takes a break from riffage and focuses more on rhythm.

Anyways my point is that, I'd personally like there to be more variation in overall feeling and harmonic exploration. You've got something similar to what they produce but it isn't quite there yet. Keep up the good work.
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