First off, pictures:

HOLY SHIT what an amp. I have never owned an amp that I just haven't liked boosting, but the Mark, holy shit it doesn't need it at all. It sounds thick, massive, crunchy, middy, and open. It's tight and dry, but not too much so. The chord definition is unreal, and the single note riffing sounds 'woody'. Don't really know how to explain that word, but it sounds right in my head. This mids, oh god the mids..

I don't see how people just completely scoop out the middle slider though, **** that, I must be a *****.

Not to mention the cleans. Best cleans I've played on a high gain amplifier so far. I'm not great at explaining cleans, but they're warm and just ...

I'm really happy with this amp.

Also got the manual and footswitch, which aren't pictured.
Tons of good deals on Harmony Central and Sevenstring.org.
Jealous very much. How much did it run ya if you don't mind me asking?
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Jealous very much. How much did it run ya if you don't mind me asking?

I traded a 1994 2 channel Dual Rectifier for it.

but i hate you...
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I think I just....uh...brb going to the bathroom


You stuck, I love it, but you suck
I'll pretend I can mod your amp but break it instead.
VeryNice!!!! Congrats!!!!!!
Playing on some new gear....review to follow
Woah it practically looks brand new too

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You, sir, made me quite jealous.

cause i dont like you

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Nice! HNAD!
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HNAMFD! That shit is sexier than shit!

a lot of things are sexier than shit

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a lot of things are sexier than shit

Correct, and that amp is one of them.
Where's Waldo?
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Correct, and that amp is one of them.

I think my shit is sexier than the average shit

Where's Waldo?

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Hey guys! Here's a video with it.


cell phone?

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Where's Waldo?

God I want a Mesa so bad...

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So many knobs


It's so sensitive too. Tweakers amp for sure.
So jealous right now. Hnad!
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Sexy. I actually thought it was a Mark V at first you like it more than the dual rec?