To practice both guitar technique and relitive pitch, should i use tabs for guitar technique and relitive pitch ear training seperatly, or learn songs by ear and do it that way.
I feel like the first way is faster for honing both the skills, but the second way is more fun, so i really am torn here
I would say that i am a intermediate player, by technique and speed is okay, but my ear is bad.
What would you guys say?
Thank you!
If you're getting into playing more technical stuff, it'll be really tough to mix learning challenging songs with practicing ear training. Ear training is tough to do for a lot of people and the benefits, while great, aren't something that a casual or hobbyist player needs to worry too much about.

If you are dedicated to learning to do ear training, I recommend starting with simple melodies. Pop songs are a good place to start. Once you have the melody down, start figuring out the chord progression. Those tend to be really simple, so you won't be banging your head against a wall or anything learning them. Once you've got that down, start practicing transcribing more and more complicated songs.
Do bits of both. Most of the songs that are more difficult to play are also a bit harder to ear out and most of the easier songs to ear out will not push you technically. Therefore, at least at the beginning I would keep the two separate; learn one easier song by earing it out as well as one more technically challenging song with the music transposed for you. Although you will have to learn more than one song to help you improve both your ear and your technical ability (which, assuming you chose enjoyable songs, isn't that terrible of a drawback), you will be able to focus on both abilities individually so that you can start developing your ear while continuing to improve technically.

Good luck!