Eventually I would like to get a 7 string guitar, seeing how the tuning is incredibly low, I have heard a bass amp would be the best. I'm thinking a custom amp may be the way to go so I can put tweeters in to get the highs. However, I would much rather fork over a few hundred bucks and get a professionally made one. Does anyone one have experience with 7 string amps? Or would my Bugera 333 handle it just fine?
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Your 333 should be just fine.
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Your Bugera will handle it just fine.

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B on a 7 string guitar ain't that low , you'll be plenty alright with your actual 333
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What fucking idiot told you that you need a bass amp for a 7 string guitar?

Just keep using the amp you have now.
ive never heard of an amp specifically for 7 strings.. speakers and pickups would be of bigger concern than an amp.

i know korn uses mesa boogies, vai uses carvins, dino from fear factory uses a marshall i believe and he plays an 8 string. most guitar amps will work fine with 7 strings.

Edit: i say most because im assuming youll be playing metal, and not all amps work for metal/might not sound good with your pickups ect...
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A bass amp for a seven string? Sorry bud but that will sound terrible, i play my 6 string on a dual rec in drop A#, which is equivalent to a drop tuned seven string but half a step up, and it sounds great so i really doubt your going to have any problem's with the 333. There isn't really such thing as a 7 string amp, bogner uberschall's are known for taking 7 string's very well. Any high gain modern amp will sound good with a seven string (assuming your using it for metal). But as everyone else has said the 333 will handle a seven string just fine.
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It's mostly your pick-ups and the amount of low-mids that your amp and pick-ups put out that'll make or break if your low B'll sound good or not, so I'd be more concerned with the overall tone of your amplifier. A Bugera333 should indeed diddy-do it, though.

I myself actually use a Hartke B300 Bass-amp with a pedal in front, and it sounds pretty shweet despite the sort of 'crap' quality of the amp because it's a bass amp and of course pushes some different frequencies.
Eventually I'll probably go and try something like a guitarhead into a bass-cab. Just to see what that sounds like :p
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