Hi, I recently looked into an Ibanez custom j series and the seller says " 24Fret and 80% remaining a little bit rusty" so I am wondering what this means and how I can correct it if I bought it? Do I need to change the whole neck?
Lol man you don't need to chane the neck, just need to take it to a luthier for a fretdress
What exactly does he mean by "80% remaining?" Does that mean 80% of the frets are left? I'd suggest that if you do buy it, take it to a shop. They might need to be cleaned, or if the frets are too harshly worn, it may need to be totally re-fretted.
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i'd ask for detailed pix if you can't see it in person. bad frets can be fixed but depending on whats wrong it can get pricey. if the guy isn't full of it then the guitar probably has had the frets leveled at least once if not then it was played pretty hard which may not be a good thing. rust may be an issue as well.
Usually when people say there is "% of the frets left" or the annoying phrase "lots of life left in the frets" it's seller-speak for "the frets are worn down so far the guitar is unplayable". If the frets really are in good, playable condition then you wouldn't even think of mentioning how much of them is left. You would just say the guitar is in near-mint condition and leave it at that.

You'll likely need to take the guitar in for fret leveling and crowning. If the frets are really worn down you'll need to get the frets pulled out and new fret wire fitted. This can be expensive, especially if the guitar has a maple fretboard as that also means the neck will need to be refinished. Necks with binding are also usually more expensive to refret than those without. Same goes for fretboards with really ornate inlays like those 'tree of life' ones. Getting stainless steel frets fitted is a good idea as they last far longer and feel smoother although they're also more expensive to fit in the first place and they don't come in as many sizes as standrad fret wire does.
Its also possible that there is nothing wrong with the frets, and the seller is just trying to add words to make the page full. Maybe he was a used car salesman in his last job.