1- Open google and search "Bandname Songname Tab" (Ex. Ozzy Osbourne Crazy Train Tab), if it's a famous song you can write only the title.

2- Then search into the pages the site "911 tabs" and get in.

3- Now you have a list of sites with tab: in the right part of the page is written in what format the tab is; search for "Guitar Pro tab" or "Power Tab".

4- At 99% the best tabs are submitted on Ultimate guitar (yeah): click it and at the bottom of the page (if you searched for a Guitar Pro tab or a Power tab) there is the Download button.

5- Click it and save the file somewere in your pc.

6- Then double click on the file icon and you got your tab open on tuxguitar.

You can search the tab here on UG tab archive and not on google to don't waste time, but if the song isn't famous is better to search as I wrote, maybe it isn't in the archive.

Hope it helps.
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Quote by jacobscott
so how do i submit a guitar pro tab to UG

1. On the main site page (www.ultimate-guitar.com), below "My Profile" and to the right of the Search field you can see "Submit tab". Click it.
2. On "Type" select 'Guitar Pro'
3. On Tablature select Browse... and find the .gpx on your computer to upload it.
4. Fill in the rest of the blanks and select "Submit Your Tab", done.
5. Wait a few days for it to be approved