I am in the market for a new acoustic guitar. I currently have a 1994 Seagull S6, and it is getting to the point where to get the action any lower it would need to have the neck re-set. Being an S6, I don't think it is worth paying to have the neck re-set.

I currently have a budget of $600 and have it narrowed to the following two guitars:

Seagull Maritime SWS Semi-Gloss


Taylor 110

I am leaning toward th Seagull as it is close to what I already have, but I hear a lot of good things about the Taylor.

Is one considered better than the other?
I have the Taylor 110 and couldn't be happier with it for an intermediate acoustic. I've had it for about 2 years and everything still works beautifully on it. As far as price goes on it, I was able to haggle with the guy at GC to $525 out the door on it with a strap and new set of strings for it. Just somethin to go on. Cheers!
in your price range, i'd go for an all solid blueridge, guild or recording king. i don't love the all solid seagulls, although i DO love the original S6. i prefer the taylor 110 to the 210 or 310, but it just doesn't have the nuance and dimension of some of the all solid models out there.

great tone, martinlike sound.

this guitar was so sweet that it got me interested in guilds where i hadn't been before.

one of those great values. i haven't played this exact model, although i have played other rk's - they have a traditional tone.

or this one, which i liked a lot
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I just got a Seagull myself, and I'm quite pleased with it. If I had to mention anything before leaning towards that would have the be the size of the neck. Seagull's tend to have wider necks on them than most steel strings from my experience. If you like a wider neck, then the comfort alone might make it worth while.

But, definitely take a look at the recommendations Patticake made. Blueridges are very nice guitars, and I own a Guild that is about as sweet as they get. As well, we ordered a Recording King for a customer a while back that was pretty sweet. About all I can say for the newer Guilds, Blueridges, and Recording Kings is that they have similar necks on them.
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I will definitely take a look at the Guilds. The GAD-40 also looks appealing. I like the spruce top. Now I have to hope that Guitar Center has both the GAD-25 and GAD-40 so I can try them out.

What is your opinion of a High Gloss finish? My current S6 is semi gloss, I kind of like it not having that "stickyness" you might get with a High Gloss finish.