Long story short I am set on an AC30C2 after trying it out at Long & McQuade (Canadian GC). It's $980 new and I'm quite close to being able to afford it.

My amp right now is a Vox AD50VT (which I'm going to sell), and I only really use the AC30TB model. I have a Gretsch 5120, a Highway One Fender Strat, and a 1973 Jedson Les Paul copy (made in Japan) with DiMarzio 36th anniversary pickups.

For pedals I mainly use an MJM Brit Bender (2 knob version tonebender), a Boss Blues Driver, and an early 90's Vox V847 wah.

I mainly play blues and rock, and am a huge fan of Led Zeppelin, Cream, Rory Gallagher/Taste, Oasis, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, The Yardbirds, Wolfmother, etc...

Any opinions about the AC30C2? Any advice? Any other amp suggestions?

anything less would be inappropriate =)
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fuck yeah it will. pretty much perfect for it
Dude that's a terrible choice for the genres you listed. Get a 6505+ instead.

Just kidding. That's the perfect amp for that kind of music (although you may need a good fuzz pedal for some of it.)
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I've got one, and it is absolutely perfect for everything you mentioned. Well, you need a fuzz or something for Wolfmother, but with those pedals you have you'll be able to get pretty close to all of those bands you listed.

Basically, GET IT. NOW.
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Will be awesome. I assume that you're a Rory Gallagher fan? Rory used an AC30 in his Taste days and sometimes at other times as well. You'll love it.
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