Hello my instrument playing brothers! I'm hoping to get some advice on picking a good amp for playing death metal. Forgive my lack of knowledge about the topic. The sound I'm aiming for is a lot like cannibal corpse. I have a line 6 spider 3 120 watt as of now, but the problem is when I get it as distorted as I like it's almost muddy sounding and has a lot of extra noise going on. I'd just like a nice heavy tone with a lot of distortion, while retaining a sharper cleaner sound if you will. I don't believe the issue is the guitar either, as I'm using a jackson rr3 with duncans in it. I've got a budget of about $700, but I might be able to squeeze a little more if I absolutely had too. Thanks for any words of wisdom you can offer!
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So yeah, do ehhhtt

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80% of these responses will say Peavey 6505+ 112 Combo so i may as well be the first.
Conversely i've seen triple recs for that much but i dont think you'll be able to find a cab for it on that budget
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a modified peavey windsor.

Look up the Brutus mod by FJA, its positively orgasmic for what you want to play.

The brutus mod is 150 bucks, you can get a windsor used for around 200 bucks, and can get a used marshall 1960 cabinet for around 300-400 bucks, which will be around 750 bucks at the highest.

Or you can get a cheaper cab.
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A used JCM900 combo or Rectoverb combo would be good; the Rectoverb would be more expensive though. You might have to either find a lucky deal or stretch your budget a tad.