I was just wondering if there are any mods I can do to my Epiphone Valve Jr. to get a more unique sound? And if there are would I be able to do them myself?

EDIT: It's also a stack not a combo, and I'm not finding any mods for the stack. Would it matter?
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Seriously though, theres a whole world of mods (both internal and external) that can be done with a Valve Junior. It's pretty much what it's made for IMO. What would you want to have it sound like/do/etc?
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Sorry, forgot I made this. I'm not really sure yet, I want to have the ability to get a good tone for both blues and metal.
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http://turretboards.com/ then click on the VJR stuff towards the bottom of the side menu. i bought a 18 watt kit from them and they were great.
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