Sorry if I posted some threads like this already but I really need to make sure I am buying the right guitar.

So, I want a seven-string guitar exclusively for metal, and since I don't know much about metal guitars (I am a Gibson guy) or seven strings (and can't test them since I will order it from another country)...I would like a little help from you guys. Just consider the following requirements:

1) 7-string guitar
2) Sounds sweet for metal
3) Is oddly shaped so it has a very metal look (I really dig x-shaped guitars like the Ibanez Xiphos but never played one)
4) Is under 600 dollars on ebay.

Plan on getting it used and don't worry I have enough experience to know when a guitar is in good shape or not, normally I wouldn't buy a guitar without testing it first but will have to do it this time. By the way remember a want a guitar that looks different than the common strat,superstrat,sg,les paul,etc look, something very exotic and evil-looking. I heard EMG's are the perfect thing but I am no expert at the genre, don't care what brand, it's just a name. Thanks and sorry for any grammar mistakes!
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what about trems? do you care fore them or would it be better off without one?

Well man...I really friggin hate floyd roses, for real. But I love trems, specially for metal. So I guess I have to get used to locks.
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the agile interceptor pro is an amazing guitar
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I've got a Schecter Hellraiser C7 and its ****ing amazing. I can't speak for the Damien line of guitars, but it fits around your price range (600ish). Having never used a Schecter prior to the C7 I was very impressed and shocked at its quality.