Hello everyone, I'm starting to look into getting a new guitar somewhere in the near future.

I keep reading, however, that getting a good guitar is meaningless without a decent amp, so my question is: Should I change the amp first?

Right now I own a Laney TubeFusion TF-200. It was bought new in the beginning of 2009. I could only find this review on UG, which is about a TF-200 II (mine doesn't have the "II"). From the picture, it looks to be the same one.

The speaker on mine is a Celestion Rocket 50

In the future (when I'm good enough) I'll want to play mainly metal, from Metallica and Maiden to Kamelot and Nightwish.

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what guitar do you currenly have?

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your guitar doesn't exist, apparently

good one...
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Crap, can't find any sound demos.

If you like your amp, keep it, but it sounds like you might have a "meh" amp.

What guitar do you have now, and what's your budget?

I currently own a Washburn N2 (which is a way better guitar than my playing currently deserves, which is why the guitar part is somewhat in the future, while the amp may be closer)

The budget is whatever suits a guy who wants a good sound in his living room and might sooomeday gig to 50 people, nothing more than that
Amp first definetly (sweet guitar btw)
how much are you willing to spend in an amp?

Quote by static_music34
your guitar doesn't exist, apparently

good one...
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Looking at NosralTserrof's signature, I would suggest a 6505+ combo. Excellent tube amp, I think it would work great for you.

I'm not sure what your budget is, but used, you could find one for around $400.
I'd go for a Peavey Vypyr Tube 60. I own a Vypyr Tube 120H, and compared to my 5150 and most other amps I've played, it just sounds phenomenal at whisper volumes. There's practically no tone degradation due to volume level, unlike a lot of tube amps.

On top of that, the amp actually sounds good. Like... really good, considering what it costs. I would never recommend a 6505+ combo over one.
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First of all, thanks everyone.

I don't mean to sound unappreciative, but right now I'm thinking if I need to change this amp.

I don't think I've played enough to find "a tone" or anything of the sort, so I'd rather not spend on something that's not an actual necessity.

I guess what I'm trying to say is is this amp decent enough for me to upgrade on other stuff before it? I guess I'd only want to change this if this amp were "bad enough" that upgrading the guitar, for instance, would be totally moot. Is this the case?
I've posted this in a recent thread, but an amazing guitar wont sound as good on an average amp. I am a perfect example. I thought my Marshal MGHDFX 100 was solid enough, so I bought a newer guitar (I went from a Washburn starter to a LTD EC 256- Not the best upgrade), and I found out I should have saved for a nice amp. I don't mind my sound, but it could be vastly improved from the MG. Hopefully, this will help.
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I think this is a question only you can answer. Take it to a shop and play some guitars through it and then compare it to other amps. Just findout what you like. But i don't think you can go wrong with a nicer amp. Weather you NEED it or just want it it's nice to have.
Ok, I think I might start looking around for some amps. You guys got any suggestions?

I plan to play metal mainly, nothing too heavy, mostly from Metallica and Maiden to Nightwish and Kamelot. (an amp that could go a bit heavier, to that evil sound (think Seasons in the Abyss by Slayer) would be nice too, though not a necessity)

So far in this thread

Peavey Vypyr Tube 60
Peavey 6505+


In short, yes, an amp would be a better investment at this point. What you need to do from here is to go to the Gear and Amp forum and post a thread asking for recommendations. Make sure you include what genres you like to play, your budget, and if you'll be gigging or playing in your bedroom.