I'm the lead singer and rhythm guitarist in my band, and my younger brother plays lead and does backing. However, he can't keep pitch to save his life.

He has really good vibrato, but he's never on the right pitch unless he's harmonizing with my voice. I think a lot of his problem is horrible technique. He sings really over-the-top most of the time, thinking he's putting a lot of emotion into his voice, when really, he just sounds like he's a crying drunken mess when he sings.

I can keep pitch fine and I'm a decent singer, but I have no technique either, so I don't know how to help him get better at singing. With his voice as it is now, there's no way I'd put a microphone in front of him live or in the studio, but we really need him for backing vocals.

Can anyone give me advice on how to teach him to sing better? Vocal lessons are not an option; we can barely afford rent lol.
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Recording might be better than anything. Let him hear himself and hear how it sounds.
have him practice matching the pitch of the guitar like play an A note and have him match the pitch and also have his sing scales and such

you could do these to improve your singing too
Here's something original:

Sounds stupid, and I know I will get crap for saying it.. but do you own Rock Band?

Have him play vocals.. all the game wants you to do is keep pitch. If he's got an sort of competitive gaming spirit he will not be happy with a crappy score...

Hell, even before my singing lessons with a real teacher the game helped me as well (though mind you I was only playing it for fun, not to take it seriously). I look back at my first ever video of playing vocals on the game, and to ones after months of playing and there is already a difference (comments also reflect that), though the difference of after a few singing lessons is MUCH bigger.

So yeah if all else fails, play video games like that. If you're not a video game playing type surely others here have better suggestions.

If you have the money I would suggest a teacher.. but if you already got the console and/or game (the game new is like 20 bucks and it works with cheap usb mics) it could be a cheap and easy alternative.

*hides from rhythm gaming hate wrath*