I'm sure this question has been asked numerous times on this forum , but I didn't quite find my liking from the stickied threads on buying acoustics. Essentially I've played the electric guitar for about 3 years, but I do have access to my fathers steel string acoustic which I play occasionally. However, I don't like its feel, because it has high action and quite high gauge strings. Also it's a dreadnought shape so It's a bit cumbersome to play. So I've now been considering buying a new acoustic for myself. Hopefully you guys can help me with this Of course I can't leave the decision just to you, but it would be nice to hear some comments on what brands and models have been known to be good for what I'm looking for.

--> What I'm looking for is essentially an acoustic that plays and sounds like an acoustic. I'd probably settle for something that has fairly smooth and mid-rangy tone, but with good clarity. Good action is a must It would be nice if the body shape wasn't the biggest dreadnought style thing you can find so it's easy to play. Then another thing is I haven't quite decided between steel string and classical guitars (It could be a nylon/steel mix as well), but maybe I should go for the steel string if I wan't to play more modern popular music (including metal)? Oh yea and a cutaway would be really nice.

Basically I've only really found one guitar that would suit my needs:
Yamaha APX 500II - electroacoustic which seems really to fit the bill? Haven't played one yet though

So any suggestions and comments are very welcome
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I have an APX 500 and I really like it. For that price, I doubt you'll find anything better and it's nice being able to plug it in to an amp. Personally I think its great just as an acoustic and you will not be disappointed with the action.