Lost and lonely in this world
Walking thru the caurosel
I saw her face it just felt right
It's funny now I wish she'd die

If only I had a time machine
Go back the day that you met me
To shut you down expose your flaws
And hit the curb a mile long

Your like the snow flakey cold
I listened to every single word you spoke
Said you need me and then go leave me
I never thought you'd be gone so easy
A clever line, a wink and kiss
No love was lost, it didn't exsist

It's like a hangover you know you don't deserve
Waking up on stranded desert
Waiting for a simple call
From the girl ****ing your friend Paul

The alcohol settles my nerves
I get depressed as I picture her
On her knees and begging for more
He whips it out tell me your no *****.