Hi Dude and WOW ... that is realy a great piece of music ... very well done ... great production though i think the snare is a little (realy little) too thin ... but that s just my opinion and a critic on a realy realy hi level cause there is not ANY - thing i realy could critizise ...

playin is mofu tight ... drums sound GREAT ... k ... i did not realy hear the bass but i think there is one (haha) ... the guitars sound good to me ... what is it ... realy amps?

would like to know how you produce ...

the clean part pumps a little but that seems to be more or less the kind of drumming here ... the synths could take a larger part though ... the leads are realy tight and everything fits to each other mix as songwise ...

Very well DONE dudes

the only realy critix

- 1:45 there is a little hole ... dunno why?

the song is a tad too long for me i skiped from 7:14 to the end ...

- and the closing drums at the end sound a tad too programmed


Every thumbs up

For C4C here is mine


Greatz M

This is fun so far the riffs are really fun and very slinky and snakey. THE PRODUCTION is quite nice and crisp. I kind of wonder if there is a reason for that the SNARE DRUM is the most prominent thing in the mix? GUITARS are an awesome tone but they are REALLY getting overshadowed by the drums, mostly the snare on my speakers. There is some LUVLY GUITAR PLAYING THOUGH! The band is LOCKED IN super tight. It COULD benefit from some vocals potentially, but there definitely is quite a nice level of attention to detail BE PROUD AND PLAY IT LOUD MY FRIEND

return the luv, my bruv


sub on the YT and they will too
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I love you all no matter what.
This is pretty cool, I like the whole arrangement, but the snare is wayyyyyyyyyyy too loud.

Here's a few things I think should be changed:

*Snare is too loud
*Snare sounds really fake (especially when it's hitting 16th notes on fills), put something fatter on there (or even something with more ring, it sounds too dry), or try adding some reverb to it
*Kick has too much lowend, add in a bit more click so it cuts a bit better, without having to be so loud
*Cymbals are a bit too loud (especially the hi-hat)
*Bass isn't audible (if there is any at all)

Overall though, just a few minor adjustments and it'd be really cool. Get some vocals on it and it'll be pretty badass!
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Very nice song.
Firstly I'd echo what other people have said about the snare. Not a massive fan of the sound, 'thin' is a good way of describing it. It's not terrible or anything, just one thing to change. Doesn't alter the fact that it's a kickass track.

Very good riffs (cool choppy rhythms), nice leads, good harmony parts. A coupe of changes texture keep it interesting, especially liking the melodic/ harmony lead part at the end.

Crit mine back?
I tend to disagree with everyone who says that the snares are too loud. Instead, I think that the entire track is too loud. I was listening at half volume on my earphones and I still had to turn it down.

Guitar playing is awesome, and the entire production is really tight. I don't like how the guitar would plan left and right at some points. It doesn't really add to the track.

I really like the mellow part that starts at around 4 min, but I'm worried that it's too different from the first half of the song to really be considered the same song. I did like how you handled the transition back into the brutal stuff however.

Keep up the good work. Hope this helps

Drums sound good (though I agree the snare is sometimes loud.......yeah maybe it is the entire drum track) & the guitar playing is very tight! If there is electric bass, I can't hear it. Nice guitar riffs & tone! Felt like it could use vocals at times (or make it shorter). Please review my music at this link:

Great freaking guitar tone! Drums sound great, but could do without the machine-gunning on the snare. Also could use a bassline. Riffs are tight as balls. The snare is really fat, which I love, but it's a little ear-splitting at times. Lead at around 3:30 could use a boost, but I love it from what I can hear. Liked the clean interlude, sounds like something Periphery would do. Could also use some EPIC Bruce Dickinson vocals, but that's just me . Could use some trimming on some parts. Not digging the 32nds on the ride cymbal, but the outro made up for that. Freaking epic man!

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