I've had my Jackson WRXT Warrior (http://www.guitarcenter.com/Jackson-WRXT-Warrior-Electric-Guitar-520326-i1446080.gc#) for about 4 years now as I've been learning to play and I've been thinking about taking it in somewhere and getting it a bit of a tune up so to speak and while its there I thought maybe some pick ups would be in order as time and time again the low E has been a problem for me when playing; any time an open E in a song needs to be played and aloud to ring out preceding higher notes, the tone from the low E and the other notes all get distorted to ass or the low E just drowns them out. It's the only string that overpowers the others' tone like this, and even when I first bought the guitar from Guitar Center the 1st string did practically nothing but buzz past the fifth fret(fixed of course). I've tried adjusting the pick ups thinking maybe they were too close to that string to very little result, and its not much better switching from one to the other either.

I know I've probably tweaked the bridge a bit too much, but I'm wondering if with my general clarity issues if new pick-ups would be the way to go, and if so what kind. It's nothing I've ever shopped for so I'm not at all sure what to look for or what to expect to get out of them. I like to play a lot of metal; Pantera, Acid Bath, Slayer. I especially like the crunchy stuff, if any of that can come into play with the decision.

If anyone has any suggestions for pick-ups or something else I may want to try, the info would be very appreciated.
I'm not 100 percent sure on what you're talking about here. Is it an EQ thing? As in the low E is just too bassy? Or is it more like the low E is sucking power from the other strings being heard? Because it may not be the pickup.

Kinda like, when the E is ringing out, the other notes go soft. But sound fine on their own.

EDIT: This is obviously happening when it's plugged in, but what are you running it through, along with what settings?
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...I thought maybe some pick ups would be in order as time and time again the low E has been a problem for me when playing...

If you're sure that the problem you're facing is caused by the pickups, then yes, hell yes, get some pups. Since you play metal, I would recommend EMG's. If you don't like actives then get some passives from SD or Dimarzio.
It only seems to be an issue when I play through an amp, my amp is a Line6 Spider IV30. I should have the money for a pretty good set of pickups and im sure thats probably the issue, as I'm about 100% sure nothing's warped or anything like that. I think it's just that the bass overpowers the other notes, but I have to compensate that on the amp as apposed to just being able to play with all nobs zeroed. Oh, and it's always worse through distortion by far. Not as much of an issue playing clean or just with some reverb or something. I'm hoping some nice pickups and a small professional adjustment will clear all this up.

Edit: My estimated total budget for all this is roughly $350 at most. A lot of you are recommending EMG's, any particular model? I hear Seymour Duncan Invaders are pretty popular from a few people, also.
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350$? BKP. Go listen to some of em. Im gonna be getting an Aftermath soon for my rg370. Best tone I've heard yet, although the sound clip is misha mansoor.
Everyones got emgs. I like my 81/85 set, (81/60 sounds better imo), but every damn guitar with them in it sounds the same. I dunno about you, but Im sticking with passives from now on.
Try lowering the bass side of your pups maybe.
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\/\/\/\/\/ i was gonna suggest a new amp, but I also desperately need one so I kept quiet. New pups do sound good on crappy modelling amps tho. I tell ya theres miles of diff between my epi lp before and after swap. Dosent change the fact my amp is terrible, but its alot closer to the sounds im chasing.
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EMGs don't sound the same in every guitar. While the preamp colors tone a bit, you can still hear the tonal differences in woods. For example, I put an EMG 81 in a Kramer Baretta years ago. It's an all maple guitar, so it's bright. Well that 81 is very bright too. It had a nasty, piercing high end. Not really what I wanted at all. So I put an 85 in from an older Ibanez I had and that evened it out nicely. Not as bright and had a real good mid and low end to it. That 81 that went into the Ibanez helped to even out the big midrange sound of the basswood and kept the bass end from mushing up, which the 85 helped with but didn't really work that well.

So they are different. If they were all the same I wouldn't have had to change them around. People always say that without actually having tested it out.

More to the point about EMGs, they are very clear under high gain and processing. Clean, they are compressed sounding but it's quite usable. Not as bad as some make it out to be. I think it may have to do with people using really high gain amps with so so clean channels. They have a really tight sound and a good crunch to them. The 81 is the brighter one, the 85 being a bit more bassy and smooth than the 81. The 60 has been billed as a single coil in a humbucker format. I think it was actually developed for Fender but abandoned. It sounds great in the neck, good clean tone. I haven't tried the new X series, but the solderless install is appealing.