The Judge Who Grew A Heart

Where do I start? I cannot recall a thing. I have been blinded by my broken heart it seems. This life is not what is meant for me, I need fresh air to breathe. This anomaly declares what my amnesia concedes.

I lay down my head into palms swamped in sweat which once flowed with guilt, now compressed into dread. I sit here alone trembling by myself in this archaic like cell, wondering if everyday will be the same as the last, congested from the visions of my past. I try to file these flashes of images, never in colour, like those of an old TV as they race through my consciousness. From time to time I wonder whether these are real or just fantasies from an ancient dream. Before I succumbed to my actions of greed, jealousy took total control over me. I was treading water to just stay afloat but now here I stand with my feet set in stone, standing above the world in which I was once conceived into.

Here I dwell on my thoughts, ascetic and restrained. I am abolished from society; cold steel bars strew my wretched home. Reminiscent grey clouds form, above the distant horizon they loom. From what I have gazed upon after viewing life from a new perspective, justice is spared for those with their recited, abstract affairs; the complexity of beasts as they emerge unbenignantly from their lairs. With smiles set in their indecent faces, of which is coated in history, the critical damnation is sewn with misinterpreted meaning and haggard lace. As another case is won with the anthology of error I witness the final hung from the chequebook of terror.

I can no longer survive in this life-like hell above earth to my dismay. After comprehending these abominations I let my self execute I must step forth into the unknown. Like a burnt out star drifting through space, it is appreciated yet never of concern. I wait slowly in-line for my turn in the chair, gone this evil and pain, gone this thorn to never return again.