1-i was wondering if someone could fully explain wireless guitar systems to i have an idea of what they are the name suggests its basic use but i was wondering if someone could to a bit more detail.
2-do you any of you guys have wireless systems if so, tell me what you think of them
thanks in advance
Simply they are just like a radio. Your guitar signal is sent to the transmitter which acts as a radio signal to the receiver before going in to the amp. I'm not sure how much more information on how they work your after?

I've only had a fairly low end AKG WMS PRO Instrumental set which served my purpose fine and it was at a good price point for entry to the technology along with 3 switchable frequency's, which is a must because things like TVs or anything can interfere with them.
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GenderConfusedJ pretty much said it all. Pickups -> radio transmiter -> receiver antenna

I have a Sennheiser freePORT. Never let me down so far, good range and 4 channels. Both me and the other guitarist in my band use them.
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(I didn't actually read it, I just Googled "How Do Wireless Guitar Systems Work")