Morning doggerel...

I like to drink Glenmorangie
Even though the owners be foreign, G
'Cause the flavor is smooth
When I get in the groove
And the color in your glass all orangey
Irish girl
Lord, you got to give her a whirl
'Cause fellas she ripe
With her lips on the pipes
You don't have a thought in the world
Damn, the girl can skirl
I got a Highland neighbor
He always be tossing his caber
When his claymore's down
In repo town
He'll come at you with his saber
His pipes be uilleann
And the beat on the drums be killin'
If you're a Scot in a kilt
Or you're Irish to the hilt
All the ladies in the house be willin'
'Cause the Celts all villains
Nothing to see here. Move along.
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I've always liked limericks, so I appreciate this piece. The rhythm seems to fall off in certain places like the truncated "Got my irish girl." Also, the "You don't have a thought in the world" breaks up the limerick format briefly, and since the form is so integral here, maybe find a way to set it up or break it apart from the rest to show the change in rhythm.

I might just be unfamiliar with this type of song.

Like I said, I liked it and it's good. The simple beat and bounce and familiar rhyme scheme make it really enjoyable.
The limerick rhythm, oddly enough, isn't something I'd considered. I wrote it essentially with the flow style of "Baby's Got Back" in mind...

Nothing to see here. Move along.
Oh well you stick to the AABBA pattern for 95% of the piece hahaha. And it kinda lends itself to that feeling with the irish/scottish/whatever content.
You're absolutely correct about all of that - it makes sense. I just hadn't realized it. You're also right about the Irish girl line. It didn't scan as it was, but I think it's better now (for the Baby's Got Back rhythm - worse as a limerick...). Thanks for your feedback.

Nothing to see here. Move along.
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