Which is a better guitar among Ibanez RGR 321 EX, Schecter demon 6, Cort m 600 & ESP LTD m 100, or any other guitar u may recommend in this range...........THNX.
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I love the schecter but its ultimatly up to you, the Ibanez, Schecter and ESP are all good but i dont know about the cort.
How much money do you have?

I would suggest looking into USED for the following reason: guitars are built to last!

Plus a lot of guitars these days are built in Korea or Mexico, and while arguable they are good guitars, you can't beat the good old U.S. of A. (We're still good for something!)

Another thing to consider is JAPANESE guitars. While not as famous (or arguably as good) as US-made guitars, they are a great VALUE.

I got a Yamaha Pacifica, which is a Japanese Strat-copy in around 1994. You CANNOT get that thing out of tune. Ever!

It came with cheapo pickups, but the electrics were changed out for about $100. Besides, the electrical components of an electric guitar are the cheapest and easiest to replace or maintain of any other parts; the wood and the mechanical components are finicky, and tend to be well-made just like other Japanese machines (such as cars, maybe you've heard of Nissan or Honda?)

But you have two choices for a value guitar as far as I can tell:

1 - Find a banged-up (as in kinda ugly) American guitar, like a Strat or a Tele at a Pawn Shop. $500 should get you into something, perhaps a 70's or 80's American Fender?

If it's scratched or cosmetically less than perfect it will save you money. It's still a good guitar!!

Look at the frets: are they worn down and flat?

Look at the neck: is it straight?

The machine heads (tuning knobs) aren't that important:

A) they are fairly cheap anyway ($80 or so)
B) they are fairly easy to replace

2 - Get yourself a Japanese COPY of an American guitar. Yamaha is an excellent brand. They are world-renowned for their quality keyboards, pianos and MIDI controller. Their guitars are not well known, but they are held to the same standard as their MIDI stuff, I promise you!

They should run you in the $500-$600 range.

You would be very, very happy with something like that. It won't say "Fender Stratocaster" or "Gibson Les Paul" on it, but what are you buying?

You are buying an INSTRUMENT for you to use to learn, improve, and enjoy MUSIC!!

If you want a showpiece to impress people that don't care about you anyway, then get a vintage Studio Les Paul...

...I'm not knocking such an instrument by any means, but do you really want to spend $4-5000 on a guitar that you'd be paranoid about bringing to a gig anyway?

Trust me, my beat-up, sawed-out and rewired Yamaha sounds great, and it sure as shit is not walking away at some bar.

If it does there is going to be one very disappointed thief!
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Thanx for your reply, my budget is about usd 400 to 500.......Any good guitar in this range
well the rg321 is 300 but it puts a good fight against guitars in the 400-500 price range. I havent tried any of the others but the rg has better sustain most guitars Ive tried with set necks, and its weight distribution and balance is perfect, and it stays in tune.
edit: Oh you said RGR31ex well its got different pups, but it should still be a good buy.
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