Guthrie Govan's a good one to check out for slap guitar, as I was just about to recommend Cristophe Godin
Another guy who does slapping is Tosin Abasi. I'm pretty sure that one of the clean passages towards the middle of CAFO has some slapping action on the guitar. Of course, it's an 8-string guitar, so it might as well be bass slapping...
is this literally just slap bass on guitar? that clip of godin looked like it was
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Does anyone have any tips for playing slap guitar. I found out about it a week ago. I'm actually not bad at it for a beginner, but I'm looking to expand my skill of it. Thanks.

Check this guy out.
http://www.icmp.co.uk/staff.asp - Alessandro

He recently did a series in GT magazine, but it started about 3 or 4 issues back. If you're lucky you might be able catch a couple of back issues.
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