Never heard of 'Newzbin 2'.

It won't be the end, most people use torrents anyway, and they can't do much about them.
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Definitely not the end, I for one had never heard of that site and neither had any of my friends (all pretty computer-literate)

Given how long it took to make one ISP block one crappy filesharing site, and given how much illegally-shared content there is on the internets, the technology is gonna keep updating or the people are gonna switch platforms much quicker than the copyright people can do anything about it
illegal downloading will never end IMO, too difficult to control.

this measure will do very little. Im quite sure The Pirate Bay creators have been prosecuted yet the site still works fine and new torrents are added all the time? Any one have more detail on that?
Ive also never heard of that site "newzbin" or whatever
No, it won't be the end but it will make it easier for future censorship. From the posts above all it has done is made folks aware of another source of material - how many have googled newzbin by now?
When will film companies realise that if they just release high-quality, low-cost films on demand, most people wouldn't actually be arsed to torrent them and would buy them.

We just need a film version of itunes.

Sick of the government/authorities tying to moderate the internet.
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