Hi All,

I really know nothing about audio interfaces its not something ive ever used before, but im considering buying the POD UX1.

Really what im looking to do is just play live through my PC rather than recording for the moment,so completely by-passing buying an amp.

Ive checked the Specs on my pc and its fine for running it.

Can i play it directly through my pc speakers also with the option of using headphones?

Also, will the interface itself work with other software out there or is it only Farm?

I just want to be sure im buying the right thing here for what i need, i will be buying a Jackson SXMG Dinky along with this and just wondered if anyone else uses the same set up or similar.


Thrasher :-)
If you have nice enough headphones or speakers it'll be ok for home use. I take it thats what you mean by "playing live".
An audio interface such as the ux1 does open you up to other software amp models too which is a plus.

You may be better just getting a cheap modeller like a vypyr though..
Cheers for the reply, aye thats exactly what i mena playing live, just at home through the pc. Itd good im not restricted to using other software too!!

I do understand that i would have to connect the speakers through the pod itself though?
Yeah basically. I have a ux2 in essence if you want to use your speakers with it then you use the ux2 as a sound card. It is a good sound card though obviously being an audio interface and all so it'll sound better then the onboard your computer likely has unless you've installed a better one...

If you have rubbish speakers the sound will suffer though. It will be good with headphones though.
Nah.. PC speakers are generally not the best. You're best to look for some cheapo audio monitors or something.

Although you may just be better getting a peavey vypyr 30 or something similar since that way you'll have a modeller like pod farm all in the amp already there and it wont cost much more then to get a ux1 and speakers...

Don't get me wrong the ux1/ux2 are a great thing to get for recording and practice if you want but i think in this case an amp would be the best option.