I think that the parts were all in all pretty good by themselves, I especially liked the fade in build up starting at bar 111, but transitioning between them wasn't so smooth imo (for exampel bars 34-36, 71-72), the key change at 2:26 also came pretty abruptly. As it is now, this feels more like a bunch of similary themed parts put together rather than a song, try working on linking different sections together, because I do think you can make something better with it.
You have a natural talent to make this kind of music. I'd have never come up with that synthesizer. howerver, I also think that it's more a bunch of different phrases of a similar sytle put together than a song. If you work on making songs with more structure you can make some very original catchy songs.

Other thing you can do it's making some traditional songs (rock, metal, etc.), not based on the synthesizer, and then use your skills on the synthesizer to make solos, instrumental bridges etc.

Anyway, your melodies were really enjoyable.

I have to agree with the people above that the transitions aren't done too well and it just sounds like a bunch of different riffs put together. With that said though, they are all very well done for the most part. Kind of reminds me a bit of Handsome Furs (besides the drums). I enjoyed the Synthesizer quite a bit. A lot of it was very catchy. The one Synthesizer riff that I didn't like was the one that started at bar 99 and went on through the rest of the song.

I enjoyed it nonetheless, just work a bit on structure (which I seemingly have a problem with as well).

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1442418
thanks for the nice words will get back to a C4C thing soon! i posted 2 more if you liked it you could check them out thanks
This is a plagiarism of a HORSE the Band song, also titled "Arrive," as pointed out in another thread.

*reported* hopefully for a ban.
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This is a plagiarism of a HORSE the Band song, also titled "Arrive," as pointed out in another thread.

*reported* hopefully for a ban.

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