Has anyone here tried the Night Train 15 Watt head or the Lil Night Train? Sounds pretty cool from clips, but I don't trust PGS Andy

Thanks dudes.
i tried the lil night train a while back with the 1x12 cab i thought it was really good for such a small head i would of prefered more controls on it if i remember the was no treble i think, but loved it.
I used to have the Lil Night Train, theres a quick clip in my profile that I did. It's a nice little amp, I liked the simple controls. It doesn't have a mids knob which is a bit annoying, but with an eq I reckon it could really shine. It's got a surprising amount of gain on tap, but it gets very loose the more you stack on, so I wouldn't recommend it at all for metal. But for a 2 watter it's fairly versatile, can take you up from cleans to hair metal.

And it has decent headroom for a two watter, you can get cleans at a decent volume as long as your just playing at home.

Keep this in mind, its a 15-watt head with a 12" speaker for like what, $750?

The AC15 uses the same tubes and is 15-watts, with one 12" and you have more controls, AND REVERB Theres a new AC15 with 2x12" but its $800.

They probably sound different but the AC15 is cheaper, and easier to haul around. Not to mention its way more practical. They look cool at first, but a stack that size is basicall useless. If you bought the head you could go buy a 2x12" or 4x12 stack, but I guess its whatever you like.