I just garbage picked a bass from some dude's house and it's in pretty bad shape.

It looks kinda like a Stratocaster, it's black. It says "Applause" on the headstock. 21 frets. Serial number is 504925. 4 strings.

Applause is a budget guitar maker. Some of their stuff
has been reported to be OK.

I have never seen an Applause solid body electric bass.

Need some pics please,

It's safe to say I think on nearly all these unknown guitars they are some variation of a squier grade bass or guitar. Vary rarely will you find some unknown gem, because most are household names
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Score, if it's playable, keep it, or make it wall art.

Wow, awesome idea! I'm trying my best to make it playable though.

I brought it to a local music shop and the guy said I need a new tone pot, a pick gaurd, and it needs to be rewired. Anyone know where i can get that stuff and where I can find out how to put it together?

Also, I'm trying to put up pics of it, but the pics are too large and UG won't let me. They'll be up soon!
Guitar fetish, it's a good website. Is it a P bass copy? if it's it's own thing, you might need to cut a pickguard yourself.
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As for being rewired, you may have to bring it somewhere. I'll see what I can do, as I say again.
^ Nay for the cost of paying someone you owe it to yourself as a musician to buy a soldering iron and learn how to do it, especially with a possibly junker bass