Not a big hardcore fan. Used to be. But then tons of bands started coming out with the same sound, especially amateur musicians who thought they were awesome because they could write shit that was the same as Emmure and what have you.

You guys are pretty good. There are some catchy parts and you guys are doing what you want to do, well. But if you're looking to make it anywhere I think you guys have to step it up a level on writing. Still write what you enjoy, but try and do something that others aren't. Take a step in a direction that other bands wouldn't think to. ****, add some jazz/blues into your sound mixed in with the hardcore. Because even people like me who used to love hardcore get sick of hearing down-tempo tough guy shit with a little spritz of dissonant melody.

Don't take any of that as an insult, either. You guys are good musicians, I'm sure. That's just how I feel about this style nowadays!

Oh yeah, if you have time check out the links in my sig. Cheers.
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